Ready to accelerate your traffic 
growth in 60 days or less?
Let me ask you a few questions...
Have you bought a few Pinterest courses that were helpful, but didn't move the needle like you want?

Are you stuck at near-zero page views on your blog, and ready for a shortcut so you can work on more of what you love?

Have you gotten a ba-jillion impressions on Pinterest, but don't have much traffic to show for it?

Are you stalled at 10,000+ page views per month, and not sure how to bust out of the rut and qualify for MediaVine?

The Answer To Your Struggles?
A 2-Video Training Program With Live Q&A's
And A Small, Private Facebook Group

I've taken a buncha great Pinterest courses and programs, and I never bought one I didn't like. Jennifer Maker, Carly Cbell, Chelsea Clarke, Monica Froese, another one for $97 I forget and then some bigger blogging programs with Pinterest components.

That said, I found a specific Pinterest strategy that works to quickly grow new accounts, and to help more seasoned accounts get un-stuck. 

Un-stuck to the tune of qualifying for MediaVine in just 30 days (for 2 accounts previously plateaued at 15,000 monthly sessions.)

Once you start using the strategies I teach...
You'll have a focused strategy to grow your traffic after watching just two videos and taking advantage of the live Q&A. 

No hours of training. No paid tools required. 
20 minutes a day to implement.

What you need to know: FAQ
Is this a course?

This is a workshop, not a course. There's plenty of courses out there if that's your jam. 

There are 13 bonus videos in the Workshop if you're a beginner, but they're in a very non-sexy Google Drive folder.

Do you guarantee results?

This program only works if you work. But no one has used it and not seen growth. 

If you get stuck or if this doesn't work for you - reach out.

I structure my programs so that they are difficult to scale - they all involve my LIVE time. This is important to me, because it is lacking in our space. 

How much growth can I expect?

Everyone’s success will be different.

If you have questions whether or not this will work for you, reach out. For most bloggers, you'll get more quick wins with Pinterest regardless of your niche. But the bottom line is that some niches have more traffic potential on Pinterest than others.

BUT, if you don't quit, you won't fail.

Do I give refunds?
Nope. Once you buy the program and get added to the group, you have access to all the content. This is a unique strategy I've developed and prefer to reserve for high level clients.

I don't want you to buy this thinking you can back out. 

I want you to buy it committing to getting results for yourself. 
What is included?
2 Workshop Videos
2 Simple Videos To Walk You Through Minimum Action For Maximum Impact
    Live Q&A Replays
    Multiple Live Q&A Replay Videos
    13 Bonus Videos
    13 Un-sexy Bonus Videos For Beginners Who Need More Basics
    Simple Pin Templates
    Get my simple Canva pin templates.
    Many of my most viral pins have been extremely minimal in design. 
      No Paid Tools
      The best part about my Pinterest strategy?
      No need for any paid tools. Just Canva, Pinterest, and website content. 
      Bonus: Detailed Pinterest SEO Video 
      This video is worth at least $500 on it's own.
      Not only will you get a sophisticated understanding of Pinterest SEO, but you can use the same strategy to develop UNLIMITED content ideas. 
      Client Testimonials...

      "I began using Alison's Pinterest strategy in early December. 

      By the end of the month I had nearly doubled my monthly sessions, which allowed me to apply to Mediavine. 

      Between ad revenue and Amazon sales, I also boosted my income by over $200 for the month. 

      I also grew my Pinterest monthly impressions from around 800k to 1.5 million. 

      I thought I could figure it out on my own using Tailwind scheduling, but her detailed walk-through of her manual pinning strategy is what made the difference." Arlin K.

      I took Alison's Pinterest Workshop on the recommendation of some people on a Blogging Facebook group I belong to. I've been a Pinterest user for years, but had no idea how to use it to promote my blog. 

       After taking the workshop, I created a business Pinterest page and went from 0 monthly viewers to over 31K views in just a few short weeks. 

       What I love about the class is that you get to watch video instructions of exactly what you need to be doing to get your Pins viewed, saved and clicked on. I'd highly recommend the workshop.

      Margaret Kukuc |

      More Client Quotes...

      Your Digital Marketing Mastery QuickStart course was everything I wanted... One of my favorite pieces of the coaching was the strategic homework you assigned that allowed me to make real progress towards my goals.

      Tayler Banes,

      Tayler launched a blog in 5 weeks of working together, and had her first sales call two weeks after that for life coaching.
      Mavens, I'm sure you all know how awesome Alison is, that's why you're here! But last night I had a 90min intensive with Alison and I'm proper super excited about implementing everything she taught me! 
      For the first time in forever I feel like I have a genuine strategy in place that is going to help grow my traffic, blog and biz! Alison taught me so much in such a short space of time! We covered Pinterest, how to write storytelling posts, creating revenue outside of clients, what to send your email list and then a Q&A where I fired a million questions at Alison 🤪 Seriously, this girl knows her stuff, I feel so grateful I got the chance to work with her and I'm excited about the next month! Ill keep you all posted!! xx

      Samantha Darby,

      I worked with Samantha on structuring Facebook posts in her group to make them both engaging AND to scoop up some one-on-one clients.
      I'm on a high right now!! 😍
      Just got off the phone from my 1-on-1 intensive with Alison Reeves! So insightful and so much valuable advice and information!!
      I loved how our conversation was so natural (mix in some humor with business). Haha. Can't wait to implement all the good, custom-to-my-business strategies you gave me!! 🙌
      I'm truly grateful, Alison!! Thanks for serving your people well... and I can't wait to learn more from you!

      Sarah Sung,

      Sarah bought my Sexy Marketing For Awkward Entrepreneurs program, and together we worked on messaging, and planning for her next product launch. 
      Before working with Alison, running ads was a daunting task that overwhelmed me. I didn’t know where to begin or even what questions to ask but Alison was so knowledgeable on the topic that she immediately eased my nerves and steered me in the right direction. With her guidance I was able to save time, money and restore my peace of mind.
      Her strategies resulted in a successful webinar full of my ideal clients so I couldn’t be more happy. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the near future.

      Sarah Gaines,

      I worked with Sarah on her Facebook ads and consulted on her funnel. She used Facebook ads to add opt-ins to her course launch email list for $0.50 each, adding hundreds of leads to her list leading up to her launch.

      From: Alison Reeves

      Hi! I'm Alison.
      I've been a digital marketing strategist since 2012, but after my husband got laid off in 2017, I knew it was time for me to start making money for my family instead of other people.

      Entrepreneur pro-tip: No one will ever pay you what you're worth, or what you would pay yourself.

      After my start in coaching when I found myself in a niche that wasn't the best fit culturally, I wondered...

      Can I make money with this blog I've had for years?

      Within 30 days, I was making a small, but consistent income. And it picked up quickly from there. I... 

      - Built my blog from zero to 5,000 page views per month in 2 months (Up to 60k)
      - Grew my Pinterest reach from 0 to 200,000 impressions in less than 30 days (Up to 900k)
      - Generated consistent income with my personal blog every month after only 3 months
      - Grew my personal email list from 0 to 2,300 (for free)
      - Taught real estate agents across the country how to build trust online
      - Helped a company get over 200 deals per year using authority marketing
      - Helped another double their business in a year
      - Launched my successful Digital Marketing QuickStart program, making $1500 in 3 days

      It all started with massive, imperfect action... AND prioritizing money making tasks.

      I want to show you how to do the same thing.